Mapua Waterfront Advisory Group

The Mapua Waterfront Advisory Group is a forum for local Mapua businesses and community to provide feedback on Council's proposals relating to the Wharf and waterfront area, including the waterfront park.

Terms of Reference

Agendas and Minutes

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Council has reviewed the Terms of Reference (TOR) for this Group, now that the Mapua Waterfront Area Masterplan has been adopted.  The term of this Group, in the TOR, was determined as "the length of time required for the Masterplan to be developed, consulted on, amended appropriately and adopted by Council". 

As this process has now concluded, Council held a meeting on 21 March 2018 to explain to representatives the intention to disestablish the current Mapua Waterfront Advisory Group, with Council setting up a separate working party focused on implementation of the actions for the Masterplan. 

The new working group will be made up of representatives from the local community, local businesses, iwi, other identified interested parties and Council staff.

For further information please contact Mark Johannsen, Property Services Manager.