Contractor Health and Safety Information

This section provides information for businesses and organisations who carry out work on behalf of the Council, including work on any Council assets.


Apply for Contractor Health and Safety Pre-Qualification

Use this form to apply for Contractor Health and Safety Pre-Qualification.

Contact Health and Safety Advisor

Information Booklet

This booklet explains your health and safety responsibilities and the Council's expectations of you, your employees, and subcontractors you engage to carry out work on Council owned sites.

Why Become Health and Safety Pre-Qualified?

The Council is serious about health and safety and must ensure the health and safety requirements of employees, contractors and sub-contractors working on, and in the vicinity of, Council owned sites are met.

This pre-qualification process is not a guarantee of work, however it may provide the contractor with an advantage in the selection process because they have already met the Council's prerequisite health and safety expectations.

We welcome any feedback that can help us to work towards a safer and healthier workplace.

About Pre-Qualification

Before anyone can undertake work for the Council, they must be Health and Safety pre-qualified. This involves providing health and safety documentation to demonstrate that you understand and comply with the Health and Safety at Work Act 2015, and any associated regulations. A contractor's pre-qualification is valid for two years (subject to their performance).

The pre-qualification process tells us that you, your employees and your sub-contractors know how to operate your workplace and your worksites safely.

Consultants who provide advice to Council may need to be Health and Safety pre-qualified. Please contact our Health and Safety Advisor to see if you need to apply.

Businesses and organisations that provide the Council with goods and services do not need to be Health and Safety pre-qualified.

All Contractors working for Council are required to register in our online contractor health and safety management system before commencing any work.

The Council's Health and Safety Policy

This is the Council's overarching Health and Safety Policy. It has been prepared in compliance with WorkSafe New Zealand's health and safety legislation and guidelines. It is also supported by a suite of associated policies, standard operating procedures, protocols and processes.

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