This section lists agendas, reports and minutes for hearing meetings conducted by the Council. Hearings are held as a part of the public submission process on a range topics out for consultation.  This can include policies, bylaws, Annual Plans, Long Term Plans, items of significant public interest or resource consents.

Annual Plan and Long Term Plan Hearings

Held each year following public consultation, submitters on the Annual or Long Term Plan are invited to speak at scheduled hearings as part of the decision-making process.

Consultation Hearings

This section lists all agendas, minutes and reports for public consultation hearings held by the Council. Additional information about individual hearings for specific consultations - including the submissions received, can be found in the public consultation section.

Resource Consent Hearings

Agendas, minutes and reports for resource consent hearings.

About Hearings

Hearings are held for various reasons, such as decision-making after public consultation, or resource consents. This sections lists agendas, reports and minutes for hearings conducted by the Council.

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