Engineering Services Committee

This Committee has responsibility for development and implementation of policy relating to management of the District's infrastructure.

This includes:

  • Roads and bridges;
  • Water supply;
  • Sewage/wastewater treament and disposal;
  • Refuse collection and disposal and waste minimisation;
  • Coastal protection;
  • Stormwater collection and disposal;
  • Ports, wharves and boat ramps (excludes Port Tarakohe);
  • River and waterways;
  • Public transport.

Engineering Services Committee Meetings


  • Cr Bryant (Chair)
  • Cr Sangster (Deputy)
  • Mayor Kempthorne
  • Cr Brown
  • Cr Canton
  • Cr Greening
  • Cr Hawkes
  • Cr King
  • Cr McNamara
  • Cr Maling
  • Cr Ogilvie
  • Cr Tuffnell
  • Cr Turley
  • Cr Wensley

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