This page answers questions about local election results.

When will we know the results of the election?

Progress and preliminary results will be announced as soon as possible after 12 noon on Saturday 8 October.  Preliminary results will be announced once all votes received at Council offices (up until 12 noon) have been delivered to Christchurch and processed.

The official results will be announced when special votes have been checked, but in the week of 13-19 October.

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How will I find out?

Candidates will be advised as soon as possible after Progress/Preliminary results are known. This may be by email or phone.

Voters – progress/preliminary results will be released to the media and placed on our website as soon as possible after noon on Saturday 8 October 2016 (

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What do I need to do if I want to challenge the results of the election?

Under legislation a candidate can challenge the declaration of results through either a judicial recount or a judicial inquiry.  A candidate will have to provide reasons for the challenge and pay a deposit of $750 with the application to the Nelson District Court.

A candidate may wish to call the Electoral Officer (03 543 8554) to discuss this.

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