This page answers questions about election signage.

What are the rules for election signage?

Local Government election signs are a permitted activity under the Tasman Resource Management Plan subject to the following conditions:>

  1. A limit of ten signs per candidate, erected on private property and with the landowner’s permission (not on road reserve).
  2. Have the following maximum dimensions:
    Urban Rural
    Area 1.44 square metres 2.88 square metres
    Height 2.00 metres Height 3.00 metres
  3. Lettering is legible as viewed at the speed limit of the nearest adjoining public road or nearest public viewing point (if there is no road).
  4. The signs must not restrict visibility at any intersection or access.
  5. There is no reflective material on the sign.
  6. Signs to be erected no earlier than two months before an election and removed by midnight on the day before an election.

For enquiries regarding approved sites and rules about erecting of election hoardings, please contact Mike Mackiggan, Consent Planner – Land Use, phone 03 543 8475.

Please also refer to the New Zealand Transport Agency requirements as set out in the Candidate Information Booklet.

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I have a complaint about electoral signage

If you have complaints or would like further information, please contact the Electoral Officer – 03 543 8554.

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