Golden Bay Community Board By-Election 2018

This page contains details of the Golden Bay Community Board By-Election 2018 and will be updated regularly as the by-election continues.

Standing for Election

To be eligible to stand for election, a candidate must be:

  • a New Zealand citizen; and
  • enrolled as a parliamentary elector anywhere in New Zealand.

A candidate in the by-election needs to be nominated by two electors whose names appear on the Electoral Roll for the Golden Bay Ward. 

Becoming a candidate costs $200 including GST.  This may be refunded, depending on how many votes the candidate receives.

Detailed candidate information booklets are available (phone the Electoral Officer to request a hard copy). Please note that this document was prepared for the Local Elections 2016, therefore please ignore the dates and focus instead on the other provisions set out in the booklet.

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Nominations for the vacant position on the Golden Bay Community Board open on Friday 24 November 2017 and close at 12.00 noon on Friday 22 December 2017.

Nomination forms are available:

  • from Council offices in Richmond and Takaka
  • by telephoning 03 543 8554 and requesting one to be posted out
  • Download a nomination form

Candidates must be nominated by two people, both of whom need to sign the nomination form. The nominees must be on the electoral roll for the Golden Bay Ward (they can either be on the residential or ratepayer roll for Golden Bay Ward). Candidates must also sign the nomination form. 

Candidates cannot nominate themselves for office. They can stand independently or under a party grouping or affiliation – similar to the process that political parties use in parliamentary elections.

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Voting System

The Golden Bay Community Board By-election will be held by postal vote and conducted using the First Past the Post (FPP) electoral system. The FPP electoral system consists of the following:

  • Electors vote by indicating their preferred candidate with a tick
  • Voters must not tick more than one candidate
  • The candidate that receives the most votes is declared the winner, regardless of the proportion of votes that candidate obtained

Residential/Ratepayer Rolls

The preliminary residential/ratepayer roll is available for inspection at Council offices and libraries in Richmond and Takaka from Friday 24 November 2017 to Friday 22 December 2017.

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How do I Know if I'm Enrolled to Vote?

Golden Bay Ward Residents

If you’re a resident of the Golden Bay Ward and already enrolled on the parliamentary electoral roll for the general election, you are automatically enrolled to vote in the by-election. 

If you’re not on the parliamentary electoral roll in the Golden Bay Ward, you can enrol or change your contact details at the Electoral Commission website.

Non-resident Ratepayers

If you pay rates on a property in the Golden Bay Ward but live outside this Ward, you may be eligible to enrol on the non-resident ratepayer electoral roll. A company or society paying rates on a property in the Golden Bay Ward may also qualify as a ratepayer elector.

Non-resident ratepayer enrolment forms are available: 

Learn more about Enrolling to Vote  

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By-election Timetable

The key dates for the by-election are set out below.

Election Day is Saturday 17 February 2018.

Date Event
Friday 24 November 2017

Public Notice of By-election

Nominations open

Preliminary roll open for inspection

Friday 22 December 2017

Nominations close (noon)

Preliminary electoral roll closes 

Wednesday 27 December 2017 Public notice of Day of By-election 


(If more than one nomination is received) 

Friday 26 January 2018

Delivery of voting documents commences

Progressive roll scrutiny

Early processing period starts

Special voting period starts 

Friday 16 February 2018

Last day to appoint scrutineers (noon) 

Last day to enrol on Parliamentary Roll

Saturday 17 February 2018

Election Day

Voting closes at noon - counting commences

Progress results available as soon as practicable 

by Thursday 22 February 2018  Official declaration
by Thursday 22 February 2018  Public notice of Declaration of Results
by Tuesday 18 April 2018  Return of electoral expense forms

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Contact the Electoral Officer 

For further information regarding the Golden Bay Community Board By-election, please contact:

  • Sandra Hartley  - Electoral Officer
  • Phone: 03 543 8554
  • Email:
  • 189 Queen Street, Richmond, Private Bag 4, Richmond, 7050

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