Candidate Profiles

This page lists the profile statements and photographs of the candidates for the Motueka Community Board By-election.

Candidates are listed in alphabetical order by surname.

Clark, Maxwell (Refresh Tasman)

candidate Maxwell ClarkMy principal place of residence is the Tasman District Council area.

I have been the Managing Director of Medimax Ambulance Service for 18 years.

As a candidate in the mayoral election I received enormous support from Motueka residents. I frequently work in Motueka and have been asked by several people to stand for the Community Board. Having attended Motueka Community Board meetings on a regular basis, I have a clear understanding of local matters.

Motueka ratepayers pay considerable rates to the Council yet have received poor service for many years. This needs to change. I am confident that I can strongly represent your views at the Council table.

Local issues requiring urgent attention include stormwater, traffic congestion and river stopbank protection. The library project needs to be brought forward and plans for the increase in tourist numbers resulting from the Kaikoura earthquake must be made.

The proposed Lee Valley dam cannot be funded by Motueka ward ratepayers – it must be user-pays.

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 Dowler, Barry

candidate Barry DowlerI put myself forward as a candidate for the Motueka Community Board. Being a Ward Councillor for the last nine years and before that, a member of the Community Board, I have the necessary experience to fill this role.

Fully understanding how the Board works, will help making vital decisions for Motueka before submission to Tasman District Council.

Deciding on Special Projects the Board will undertake over the next three years is a very important role. Knowing most of the Motueka Ward issues and helping  guide the Board through the upcoming Annual Plan and then the LTP process.

Sound decisions need to be made promoting the vital projects. The Motueka Library, or the proposed Hub, flooding issues, storm water upgrades,  car parking strategy, freedom camping and traffic on High Street are all issues. Having Council-level knowledge on these issues will help the Board to be properly involved.

Thank you.

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Galvin, Matthew (Matthew for Motueka)

candidate Matthew GalvinI’m a fresh face for Motueka. I came to fulfil a childhood dream to learn to fly. With a café for sale, my entrepreneurial wish to own my own business and with my partner Ruth, a fantastic chef, “Kai Waka Cafe” has grown into a bustling CBD cafe enjoyed by many.

I was quickly recruited to the “Our Town Motueka” business committee and am now Co-Vice Chair. With my involvement we have recently brought free Wi-Fi to town. A great start but with much more work to do I’m keen to get stuck in.

I’m passionate about Motueka’s business and tourism opportunities and protecting our beautiful environment. I’m young, full of energy and with my first child recently born here, committed to making Motueka a bustling and vibrant community. I stand for progress, entrepreneurship and a sustainable environment.

Vote for Matthew for Motueka

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Pouri-Lane, Lealofi

candidate Lealofi Pouri LaneI am Lealofi Pouri-Lane, born in Samoa and educated at Wesley College. I am married to Kevin Pouri-Lane, and we are the proud owners of R.P.S. Roof Painting Services.  We have 4 beautiful children: Keilamarita 20 years old – currently studying at the University of Canterbury, Risaleaana 16 years old – year 13 student at Motueka High School next year, Petorukelani 12 years and Reiahumanaru 7 years old both of whom attend Tasman Bay Christian School.

We have been here for 15 years and I’m a member of the Board of Trustees at Motueka High School.

Every situation is a challenge and an opportunity for anyone to grow, and I feel, now is the time for us young parents to step up and make the most of this opportunity to learn and serve our community. I am seeking your vote to support me to be your voice on the Motueka Community Board.

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