Community Grants - Grants from Rates

This page explains the Community Grants Scheme. This major annual funding round opens 1 May and closes 31 July each year.

Community Grants applications are closed for 2018.

About the Grants

The Tasman District Council allocates funds towards the annual Community Grants with the expectation of the following benefits:

  • to enable Council to work with communities by encouraging community based solutions;
  • to support the community to find ways to improve the delivery of services or infrastructure;
  • to support the work of volunteers across the district.
  • a cost-effective way for services to be delivered to local communities. The return has been calculated as a $3-$5 return for every $1 spent.

Priority will be given to projects that:

  • address an identified community need.
  • align with the Council's Community Outcomes.
  • Join communities together.
  • are not solely reliant on Council funding.

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Opening and Closing Dates

Applications open on 1 May and close on 31 July.

Applications received after the closing date will not be accepted.

Please note each year, more funding requests are received than funds available and not all applications are successful. The Community Grants Subcommittee decision is final and no correspondence will be entered into.

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To ensure grants fit with the purpose of Local Government, applications must:

  • take place within Tasman and/or demonstrate benefit to Tasman residents. (Services delivered regionally will have funding eligibility relative to the benefit gained by Tasman residents)
  • applications must be for a specific project
  • demonstrate the contribution the project will make to Council’s Community Outcomes and Long Term Plan priorities.
  • assistance is for organisations, not individuals.
  • not be for a project that is the responsibility of Central Government or other agencies.
  • identify benefit to the community that will result from the funding.
  • demonstrate community support.

The grants provide assistance to specific areas of the applying organisation’s operations – these are:

  • administration costs (limited)
  • one-off projects (not major capital projects or maintenance of facilities)
  • project development costs
  • service delivery costs, and
  • funding is allocated annually as one-off-grants
  • Sport and Recreation Facilities Fund applications must be for capital works or improvements to recreation facilities in the Tasman District.

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Categories and Funding Amounts

Community and Economic Development Initiatives $30,000

Initiatives that support job creation, employment opportunities, volunteer recruiting and the development of the governance structure of community organisations. Average allocations are less than $4,500

Arts/Culture/Heritage/Museums $32,000

Initiatives that support the preservation, profile and awareness of the districts history, arts and cultures. Average allocations are less than $2,000.

Festivals and Events $40,000

Support for events that engage with the community and celebrate their unique culture. An emphasis will be on supporting new events to become established and self funding. Average allocations are less than $1,500

Youth and Children $25,000

Support for community based programmes with a social, educational or sport and recreation focus. Average allocations are less than $1,000

Social Services $21,000

Support for community based social services which aim to improve the self esteem, independence and skills of socially disadvantaged. Average allocations are less than $1,250.

Environment $20,000

Support for the administration and materials related to projects such as plantings, landscaping, beautification and weed control in public places. Average allocations are less than $1,500.

Emergency Services $16,000

Support for community based organisations that offer first response emergency services. Average allocations are less than $1,000.

Sports and Recreation Facilities $35,000.

Support for club and/or group led sport and recreation facility development. An emphasis is on new capital projects or facility improvements. Grants are up to a maximum of $5,000.

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What's Not Funded

Community Grants do not provide funding for:

  • salaries
  • ongoing operational costs that are not project specific e.g. office rental
  • costs that cannot be verified with appropriate quotes
  • activities that have already begun and/or completed
  • costs associated with legal action or debt servicing, or fund raising activities.

Applications must be on the official application form and only one application per project will be accepted.

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All grant applications become public knowledge via agendas and minutes.

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Financial Accountability

Grants must only be used for the purpose applied for. If you’re anticipating generating surplus from the project please explain what these funds are being used for.

Successful applicants will be required to complete an accountability form to report on how the grant was spent and if the outcomes were achieved. Accountabilities must be received prior to applying for further funds.

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Funding Notification

Letters of notification will be sent by mid-September.

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Assessment Process

Applications are assessed by the Community Grants Subcommittee made up of a councillor from each ward.

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Further Information

For further information contact Mike Tasman-Jones - Community Partnership Co-ordinator, Tasman District Council

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