Public Meetings to Discuss Water Management in the Waimea

Tuesday 5 March 2013

The Tasman District Council is committed to discussing the long term implications within a proposed plan change involving the future management of water for the Waimea Plains whether or not the Lee Valley Dam is built.

As part of the commitment to involve the community at all key stages there are three public open days being held next week.

  • 13 March 2013 Appleby School – Moutere Highway
  • 14 March 2013 Hope Hall – Hope Recreation Reserve
  • 18 March 2013 Council Chambers – Tasman District Council

The open days will start at 3.30 and finish at 7.00pm and will incorporate presentations by staff to describe the plan change and its implications at 4pm and again at 6pm.

Outside of those times people will be able to discuss how they can participate in the formation of the proposed plan change with Councillors and staff.

The plan change, once finalised, will present a number of options all of which provide differences to the way water is managed in the rural and urban catchments of the Waimea Plains.

This proposal is the first Council action in the long running Lee Valley Dam proposal started nearly a decade ago by the community-led Waimea Water Augmentation Committee.

 The process starting next week is about providing a background to those interested in what is proposed arming them with the information needed if they wish to input into the plan change proposal.

While the construction of the Dam is probably the key element there are a number of associated decisions that have to be made. They are decisions that have to be made regardless of the Dam’s eventual construction and because of the importance of sustainable water management to the District’s growth and prosperity residents need to be aware of all the issues and have the opportunity to contribute.

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