Tasman Adopts Rates Remission Policy

Thursday 6 June 2013

The Tasman District Council has adopted a Rates Remission Policy to come into effect before 1 July this year to enable affected ratepayers to be able to apply for a remission in the current year.

The policy will enable residential landowners who have had the value of their land increased due to Council initiated rezoning to have any resultant increase in rates remitted until the land is sold or its purpose changed from its role as the principal place of residence.

Driven by the rezoning of land in Richmond West, two policy options came out of the meetings with the residents directly affected by an increase in rates reflecting the new commercial value of their properties.

Tasman residents were given the choice of Rates Remission or Postponement policies through the Annual Plan process. The majority of the submissions received supported the Remission option.

The new policy will have a number of criteria to ensure it benefits those in need while limiting the impact on other Tasman ratepayers. It will be applied at the discretion of the Council, apply to properties that have had continuous ownership pre and post the zoning change and only apply to rezoning decisions made after 2007.

Applications for the current rating year (2012-2013) will be accepted up until 30 August.