Higher Levels of Toxic Algae Seen in Some Tasman Rivers

Thursday 12 January 2017

The presence of toxic algae has grown in the last week in Tasman’s Waimea and Wai-iti rivers.

The latest results showing the algae’s growth to warning levels following a number of weeks relatively low levels of growth.

Regular river users who take dogs or toddlers down to play in the water, are strongly advised to become familiar with what the toxic algae looks like and avoid contact when it is present.

The algae that is of most concern is distinctive, forming mats that are soft, dark coloured (black, dark green or dark brown), sometimes thick (over 5mm) and somewhat jelly-like.

The Council will place warning signs at the most popular sites if the algae reaches levels exceeding 20%, which is currently the case in the Waimea and Wai-iti rivers.

Throughout the summer the Council’s toxic algae monitoring programme focuses on the Lee, Wairoa, Waimea and Motueka Rivers. The latest results are available from the link below:

Any resident concerned about toxic algae, or who wishes to report a site where algae is present, can contact the Council any time on Ph. 03 543 8400. A photo of the algae and/or the site would also be helpful.

For further information on toxic algae go to tasman.govt.nz and search ‘toxic algae’.