Medium Density Housing in Richmond Proposed

Wednesday 18 October 2017

The Tasman District Council is proposing rule changes to encourage good-quality medium density housing close to Richmond town centre, and is seeking public input.

Proposed changes to planning rules would allow smaller section sizes and greater building coverage in parts of central Richmond.

Environment and Planning Committee chairman Tim King said the aim was to provide greater choice and more affordable housing options, and encourage more efficient use of land and infrastructure.

Tim said: “Reduced household sizes, changes in lifestyles and an ageing population mean there is increasing demand for small, compact properties. The changes we’re proposing would allow for this in parts of central Richmond that are within easy walking distance of the town centre. Provisions for sun, light and privacy will help ensure these smaller homes are a comfortable and attractive option for people.”

Proposed changes

  • A new minimum lot size of 200 sqm – down from 350 sqm
  • Increased building coverage of 50%
  • Increased building height of 7.5 metres (two storeys)
  • Building setbacks and design to allow for sun, light and privacy
  • Requirement for a wall recess where  an upper floor wall exceeds 12 metres in length
  • Reduced parking requirement of one space per dwelling and one visitor park per three dwellings
  • A new permitted stormwater rule

The changes also reduce the notification requirements for applications that comply with the rules. Notification is when affected parties or the general public are able to make submissions on an application.


Submissions close on Monday 27 November. Head to to learn more about the proposed changes and make a submission. You can also pick up a submission form at the Council’s Queen Street office.

Council planners will be at the Richmond Mall (near the information desk) on the following dates to chat with anyone who is interested in the proposed changes:

  • Wednesday 25 October, 11am – 2pm
  • Thursday 26 October, 4 – 8pm
  • Friday 27 October, 11am – 2pm