Short-Term Parking Extended in Richmond Town Centre

Friday 8 September 2017

Time restrictions will be imposed on 40 carparks in the Petrie Carpark, as well as on several sections of McGlashen Avenue, to reduce the pressure on parking in Richmond town centre and support local businesses, the Tasman District Council has decided.

The Council yesterday agreed to change 40 all-day parking spaces in the Petrie Carpark, to the rear of the Richmond Library, to P120 parking, to designate a space in the Petrie Carpark for electric vehicles, and to designate a space next to the entry ramp at the rear of the Richmond Library for mobility card holders.

In addition, areas along McGlashen Avenue will be changed to P30 and P120 zones.

The changes follow the addition of time restrictions to several spaces in the Papps Carpark earlier this year.

Tasman Mayor Richard Kempthorne said the Queen Street Upgrade currently underway had reduced the number of time-restricted spaces available in the town centre, and retailers and members of the public had urged the Council to prioritise shoppers and short-term visitors.

“The premium parking in the town centre is intended for people who are making trips to the businesses and facilities in Richmond town centre, and adding time limits will help encourage turnover and support our local businesses.”

Richard said there was all-day parking available at the Richmond Showgrounds for workers or people planning an extended stay in the town centre, provided by Richmond Unlimited.

The changes will come into effect over the next few weeks as signage arrives.