Calls for Concerted Approach to Safety on our Roads

Thursday 8 February 2018

A united effort is needed to reduce serious and fatal crashes – that’s the message from today’s meeting in Tasman.

Representatives from Tasman District Council, Nelson MP Nick Smith’s office, the New Zealand Police and the New Zealand Transport Agency met to discuss their concerns regarding road safety in the Tasman District.

The meeting follows a call for a safety review from Nelson MP Nick Smith after a significant increase in fatalities and serious injuries crashes.

Mayor Richard Kempthorne said since 2015 there have been seven deaths, 12 serious injury crashes and 45 minor injury crash on the stretch of road from Three Brothers Corner to Motueka.

“All agencies understand the issues of safety on the roads in our district and are particularly concerned about the rise in fatal and serious crashes that have happened this summer on State Highway 60.”

“The human and social cost is simply too high.”

“Everyone involved is committed to finding and applying a range of workable solutions. This may include reviewing the speed limit on State Highway 60, an increase in enforcement on those under the influence of substances, cellphone use while driving, and the number of people who do not bother to wear seat belts.”

“We will also look at increasing demerit points for these offences and encourage active policing on this stretch of road. In the longer term, changes to intersection design and turning and merging lanes will also be considered.

“But we need to community to speak with us. I encourage anyone wanting to share their views, who wants safer roads, to make a submission to the Council’s Regional Land Transport Plan, which closes on 23 February 2018.”

“Your message needs to be loud and clear to support us making our roads safer for everyone.” 

Submissions can be made online at before 23 February.