Kaiteriteri Wastewater Upgrades Move into Next Stage

Monday 7 May 2018

Significant construction work will begin in Stephens Bay on Monday 7 May to upgrade sewer pump stations at the Stephens Bay Reserve and Tapu Bay Reserve.  The work is the second stage of a major wastewater project to increase the capacity and efficiency of the wastewater network in the area. 

The first stage of the project was to install a new sewer main in the Riwaka-Kaiteriteri Road from Cederman Drive to Goodall Road, replacing the existing pipe under the Tapu Bay estuary.  Moving the pipe into the road means it is more easily accessible for maintenance and protects the estuary from any accidental spills or overflows.

Tasman District Council project manager Chris Blythe said the two pump stations needed to  be upgraded to push wastewater in the opposite direction to the new main in the road.  The work requires significant upgrades and modernisation of the pump stations and changes to the pipelines between the pump stations. 

Chris said: “The work at the two reserves will take until July to complete and will mean some disruption to access to the reserves.  Some parking spaces at Stephens Bay and an area to the north of Tapu Bay reserve will be fenced off while construction is carried out.  There will also be some construction traffic on the roads around Stephens Bay. People using the reserves should take care when accessing the steep access road to Tapu Bay Reserve and be aware of construction taking place.”

To minimise disruption in Tapu Place, Anarewa Crescent and Stephens Bay Road, the new pipelines will be ‘slip-lined’ inside the current pipes.  However, trenches are required where the pipeline changes direction, so there will be some open trenches on the route.

When the pipelines between the pump stations are being upgraded, there will be a period of time when the pump stations are not in use and wastewater will be collected and trucked to Motueka Waste Water Treatment Plant.

The Council will also be making some improvements to Martins Farm Road and Little Kaiteriteri pump stations, and some programming changes which will mean we can better manage network flows in rain events.

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