Tasman Mayor Welcomes WIL Funding

Friday 13 April 2018

Tasman Mayor Richard Kempthorne says the news WIL has met its subscription target is good news for urban water users, as well as the rural sector.

“The partnership approach is better for everyone. Sharing the costs of a water security scheme allows us to gain wider benefits than the Council could achieve on its own. By that I mean we can meet our urban water supply needs for the next 100 years, supplement river flows in the Waimea to improve ecosystem health, and support the regional economy by providing secure water for primary producers.

“The Waimea Community Dam is the cost effective option that solves several problems at once. By working together we can achieve a lot more than any of us could by going it alone.”

Richard says the Council has been clear that the dam will not happen without a confirmed financial contribution from irrigators on the Plains.

“The fact WIL has met its subscription target, allowing it to contribute $16.5 million to the project in direct funding from irrigators, shows the strength of commitment from producers on the Plains towards their own future water security.”

Richard says the confirmed funding adds another piece to the suite of information the Council needs before its final decision whether to proceed with the dam.

“We’re getting closer to that point now. Other information we need within the next couple of months to gain the complete picture includes a construction tender price and a decision from Nelson City Council on its contribution.”