Provisional Local Alcohol Policy

Thursday 19 December 2013

Tasman District Council gives notice pursuant to section 80(1) of the Sale and Supply of Alcohol Act 2013 that it is publicly notifying its Provisional Local Alcohol Policy (Provisional LAP).

The Provisional LAP can be viewed on the Tasman District Council website at or a paper copy can be obtained by telephoning Tasman District Council during office hours on 03 543 8400.

In summary, the Provisional LAP states:

  • The hours for all Club Licences: Monday to Sunday, 8am until 2am the following day
  • The hours for all Off-Licences: Monday to Sunday 7am to 10pm
  • The hours for all On-Licences: Monday to Sunday, 8am until 2am the following day (24 hours per day  for in bedroom mini-bars in hotels)
  • Discretionary conditions are also included for all license types and controls on the location of new off-license premises are imposed.

Except for the Police and the Medical Officer of Health, only people who made a submission on the draft LAP can appeal against an element of the provisional LAP.  The period during which an appeal may be made against any element of the Provisional LAP commences on 19 December 2013 which is the date of publication of this Notice.  Any appeal must be made to the Alcohol Regulatory and Licensing Authority, Private Bag 32 001, Wellington 6146, within 30 days of the publication of this notice.

The only ground on which an element of the Policy can be appealed against is that it is unreasonable in the light of the object of the Sale and Supply and Alcohol Act 2012.