Review of Moorings Management - Discussion and Feedback

Friday 20 December 2013

The Council is reviewing the Tasman Resource Management Plan relating to boat moorings. The review looks at how moorings are managed along our coastline. The Council is seeking your views on the options for improving mooring management.

The review is being coordinated with a replacement of the Tasman District Council’s Navigation Safety Bylaw (2005) by the Harbourmaster, as both documents control how moorings are managed. This document is intended to initiate community discussions on the options for mooring management. It sets out some of the background issues, looks at possible changes and provides a preferred option for change.

As well as looking at improved management of moorings, the review also includes a limited component focussing on potential changes to the list of permitted coastal structures contained in Schedule 25A of the Plan.

Following feedback from the community, formal changes will be considered and proposed by the Council later in 2014. The formal process will provide a second opportunity for public input through submissions. 

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