Flush Your Taps

Monday 11 September 2017

Did you know metals in some household fittings can be dissolved into your water?

As all of Tasman District Council’s drinking waters supplies are naturally ‘soft’, it means they can more easily absorb minute amounts of heavy metals such as lead, nickel and copper from your household plumbing.

The Ministry of Health therefore recommends that for these types of water supplies which are known as ‘Plumbosolvent’, people should not drink the first mugful of water if their tap has not been used for several hours, such as overnight. Instead, people should run the tap for a second or so, which will quickly flush away any water that has become contaminated with lead or any other metals from the plumbing fittings.

You should also never fill your kettle from your hot water tap, as it could have high levels of copper in it (from your hot water cylinder). Additional details on this issue can be sourced from the Ministry of Health website – www.moh.govt.nz – search for ‘plumbosolvency’.