Bomarea Spray Operation 5 April - Kingsland Forest / Reservoir Creek

Tuesday 3 April 2018

Kingsland Forest and Reservoir Creek walkways and forest areas will be closed on Thursday 5 April to allow aerial spraying to take place.

Signage is in place at track entrance points - please do not enter the area.

Help us eradicate Bomarea 

bomarea 200pxBomarea (Bomarea multiflora) invades remnant forests and shrublands. Its vines grow into the tree canopy to form large masses, smothering the supporting trees and preventing the establishment of native species.

With its seeds spread by birds, Bomarea can quickly cover large areas of forest and is similar to the Old Man’s Beard and Banana Passionfruit vines. Once it is established it is much more difficult and labour intensive to control.

Native to Colombia and Ecuador, it is an invasive plant species in New Zealand and cannot be distributed or sold here.

Spray programme

Kingsland forest is the only known area in the region where bomarea has become naturalised.

Kingsland Forest will be closed to the public on Thursday 5 April for herbicide spraying to control Bomarea, weather permitting. Keep an eye out for signage at track entry points.

You can help us to control Bomarea

If you see any new growth of Bomarea after the spraying operation has been completed, please report your sighting to the biosecurity team on 543 8400.

It is easily identifiable by its brightly coloured trumpet-shaped flowers, orange on the outside and yellow with red spots on the inside.