Tuesday 20 February 2018 8:12pm

Cyclone Gita - Update 002 A state of emergency has been declared in the Nelson Tasman region following the significant continuing impact from Cyclone Gita. Tasman District Council Mayor Richard Kempthorne signed the declaration at 7:20 pm. Further flooding in Takaka likely:Following significa...

State of Emergency Declared in Nelson Tasman

Cyclone Gita Information

We'll be posting regular updates on Cyclone Gita for Tasman residents. Civil Defence Centres are open in Motueka, Takaka, Marahau and Nelson.

Read the latest storm update

Current Road Works and Closures

Tuesday 20 February 2018

This page lists current and planned road works and infrastructure maintenance and is updated weekly. Please note that the list is indicative only, as weather and unforeseen emergency events may affect roads at short notice.

Cyclone Gita - 20 February 2018

Updates and information in relation to Cyclone Gita.

Drivers are urged to keep a close eye on the latest road conditions and MetService forecasts before travelling.

  • Stafford Drive in Ruby Bay, and Collingwood-Puponga Main Road are likely to be affected. We advise drivers against using these roads if they can be avoided.

Planned Roadworks and Closures

Wangapeka River Road - Dart River Ford

The Dart River ford is a concrete ford that water will flow over at all times. Due care needs to be taken when assessing to cross or not. Trampers need to allow an extra day in case the river is high as there is no other available crossing.

Graham Valley South Branch Road

The road is currently open but can be closed at any time without notice due to slips.  Please contact DOC's Motueka Office to check conditions.

Current Roading and Infrastructure Works

Road Name



Expected Start Date

Estimated Completion Date

Golden Bay

Takaka township - to the end of Abel Tasman Drive Various Spraying In progress 23 February
Abel Tasman Drive, Scott Road, Richmond Road   Resealing In progress 23 February



Stafford Drive, Pomona Road , Crusader Drive

Various UFB Roll-out In progress 28 February  

Stafford Drive - Ruby Bay area

  Continued clean-up from storm event and heavy rainfall In Progress 23 February


Hunt Street, Aniseed Valley Road, Hillplough Heights   Resealing In progress 23 February
Lower Queen Street Various Dig-outs In progress 23 February






Treeton Place, Lord Auckland Road, Mayer Crescent, Franklyn Close, White Road   Resealing In progress 23 February



Motueka Valley Highway, Motueka West Bank Road

Various Mowing In progress 23 February



Wangapeka Plain Road, Clark Road, Phillips Road, Quali Valley Road

Various Maintenance metal In progress 23 February



Moutere Basin heading towards Motueka Valley Highway

Various Grading In progress 23 February



Rural and urban local roads

Various Spraying In progress 28 February

Please note many of these activities are weather dependent.

NZTA Nelson, Malborough and Tasman Maintenance Programme

There are a number of other roadworks happening on the State Highway network across the Nelson, Tasman and Marlborough regions.

For further information on the locations and type of works taking place, visit the NZTA website.

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