Funding Available for Fencing

Friday 20 April 2018

Our River and Stream Management Fund provides advice and financial support for the protection and enhancement of waterways by fencing out stock. Funding includes providing landowners with fencing materials for approved works, riparian planting and management advice. 

Why Fence Waterways?

Fencing waterways to keep stock out creates riparian buffers and is the single most effective measure for reducing faecal contaminant and sediment loads in streams. Establishing grasses, trees and shrubs within riparian zones can further reduce contaminant loads and improve stream ecology by providing shade, habitat and a food source for native fauna. Other benefits include:

  • Greater bank and drain stability
  • Improved pasture and stock management
  • Fewer stock losses

Fencing Fund Quick Check

The following chart will give you an idea of how important it might be to fence your waterway from stock. Please note that this tool is only a guide and we will need to carry out an onsite assessment.

  • For each factor, add up the values that most closely resemble your waterway. If your score is 10 or greater, please consider contacting us to ask about the River and Stream Management Fund.




Stock type

Sheep/other    (2)

Deer    (3)

Cattle    (5)

Risk of streambank erosion

Minimal    (1)

Low/Mod    (3)

High    (5)

Slope of surrounding landscape

Flat    (1)

Gentle    (2)

Hilly    (3)

Water flowing or present year round

No    (2)

Yes    (4)



Other Information

  • Approved works must contribute to the stability or health of the catchment system as a whole.
  • The landowner or occupier accepts responsibility for erecting and maintaining fencing works to a required standard.
  • Funding is not available for boundary fences, or where legislation or other agreement (including the Sustainable Dairying Accord), rules set out in the Tasman Resource Management Plan or resource consent conditions require fencing.

Find Out More

Read more about the River and Stream Management Fund

For more information contact Bernard Simmonds (Resource Scientist – Land).


Phone: 03 543 8446