Notice of Intention to have Land Declared Abandoned

Friday 21 April 2017

The Council intends to apply to the Nelson District Court for an order that:

  • declares the land listed below to be abandoned; and
  • authorises the Council to sell or lease such land.

Anyone with an interest in any of these properties or information that is relevant to the application must contact us within a month of this notice being published, by phoning 03 543 8400 or emailing

The seven properties are listed as described in their Certificates of Title:

Registered owner(s)


Hectares / Title


Legal description

William Adams & Dorothea Busch

Haycock Road, Hope

Valuation Number: 1943044901


0.1391 / NL163/55

PT SEC 2 BLK 1 District of Waimea East (Aniseed Valley)

George Duncan McNee

Brooks Road, Matakitaki Valley

Valuation Number: 1915063601

0.8726 / NL50/73

SECS 24 25 BLK VI Matakitaki SD

Charles Lynch

Matakitaki Road, Matakitaki Valley

Valuation Number: 1915058700

6.0070 / Pt NL12/159

PT SEC 20 SQ 173

Calinente Property Limited

Tokongawa Drive, Tokongawa

Valuation Number: 1931024200

0.0157 / NL11A/1041

PT SEC 14 SO Plan 3720

The Moutere Amalgamated Fruit Lands Limited

208 Carlyon Road, Mahana

Valuation Number: 1938065200

0.5211 / NL48/73

LOT 1 DP 695 and PT LOT 5A DP 626

The Moutere Amalgamated Fruit Lands Limited

Old Coach Road, Mahana

Valuation Number: 1938062902


0.0771 / NL39/11

PT SEC 30 61 BLK XVI Motueka SD

William England 

Belfit Lane, Wakefield

Valuation Number: 1937040700

0.1219 / NL71/103

PT SEC 84  DIST OF Waimea South

This notice is given under section 77(2) of the Local Government (Rating) Act 2002.

Mike Drummond, Corporate Services Manager. Tasman District Council.