Publicly Notified Resource Consent Bell Island Wastewater Treatment Plant

Friday 16 February 2018

Resource Consent Applications for Bell Island Wastewater Treatment Plant open for public submissions

The Council has received an application for resource consents from Nelson Regional Sewerage Business Unit for its Bell Island Wastewater Treatment Plant. The plant treats wastewater from Tahunanui, Stoke, Richmond, Mapua, Brightwater and Wakefield.

Their application is for continuing to discharge odour to air, and continuing to discharge up to 25,000 cubic meters per day of treated wastewater to the Waimea Inlet on the outgoing tide, and associated activities.

Permits NN000539V2, NN000541 and RM071151 held by the NRSBU expired on 7 February 2018. As this application for replacement consents was lodged more than three months before the expiry date, NRSBU can continue its activities under the expired permits until the application process is completed. Permit RM071151 does not expire until 2023, but the NRSBU is applying now to replace it.

The application includes an assessment of environmental effects.

You may examine the application and supporting information at either our Richmond or Motueka Office during normal office hours. The application may also be viewed on the Council’s website.

Application Details


Nelson Regional Sewerage Business Unit.


Bell Island, Waimea Inlet; 150 Bell Island Access, via Best Island, and adjacent Coastal Marine Area.

Consent Type, Application Number and Proposal:

Discharge to Coastal Water (Application RM171238)

Replacement for Permit NN000539V2 - Discharge of treated wastewater into Waimea Inlet from Bell Island WWTP.

Discharge to Air (Application RM171255)

Replacement for Permit NN000541 - Discharge of contaminants (primarily odour) to air from Bell Island WWTP.

Discharge to Land (Application RM171256)

Replacement for Permit RM071151 - To discharge treated wastewater to land (to the north west of the Bell Island WWTP) by way of irrigation.

Discharge to Land (Application RM171257)

Discharge of treated wastewater to land via seepage from clay-lined facilities (ponds) at the Bell Island WWTP.

Coastal Occupation/Structure (Application RM171258)

To occupy the coastal marine area and to use and maintain an existing pipe and diffuser outlet structure, required for the discharge to coastal water.

Making a submission

Who can make a submission

Any person may make a submission on the application.

If a person is a trade competitor of the applicant, then they may only make a submission if:

  • that person is directly affected by an effect of the activity to which the application relates, and
  • that effect is one that adversely affects the environment and does not relate to trade competition, or the effects of trade competition.

How do I make the submission?

The submission must be in form 13. Printed copies of this form are available from our offices or our website.

Download: Form for Submission on Resource Consent Application

Where do I send the submission to?

You may make an electronic submission by sending it to the email

A written submission, marked for the attention of our Resource Consents Administration, can be delivered by hand to our offices or by post to:

Tasman District Council, Private Bag 4, Richmond 7050.

Submissions close at 4.30 pm on Friday 23 March 2018.

You must also serve a copy of your submission on the applicant, as soon as reasonably practicable after serving your submission on the Council.

The applicant’s address for service is either:

By post: Nelson Regional Sewerage Business Unit

c/- Stantec

PO Box 13052, Christchurch 8141

Attention: Rob Lieffering

Or by email: