Public Forum Guidelines

Friday 31 August 2018

There are some changes to the Public Forum guidelines for the Extraordinary Full Council meeting in the Richmond Council Chamber on Thursday 6 September.

We ask that everyone planning to attend be aware of and follow these guidelines.

  • If you wish to speak in the Public Forum section of the meeting, please register your intention by 1.15pm on Wednesday 5 September. You can do this by emailing, or phoning 543 8400.
  • A maximum of 15 minutes will be allocated specifically for those wishing to speak in opposition to the Waimea Community Dam project and a maximum of 15 minutes for those wishing to speak in favour. (The Mayor is exercising his discretion under Standing Orders as Chair to allow an extended Public Forum under the circumstances.)
  • Those that wish to speak will be limited to the topics on the agenda for this meeting.
  • Each speaker has a maximum of three minutes.
  • The usual limit on the number of people from a single organisation who may speak will apply – that is, no more than two speakers from any one organisation.
  • Normal practice for Public Forum is that speakers may have their say, but it is not a forum for councillors to question speakers. However, if there are matters of clarification the Mayor has the discretion to allow questions.
  • We can accommodate a maximum of 50 people in the Council Chamber. Priority will be given to those who register to speak in the Public Forum.
  • We can accommodate a limited number of 30 extra people at the back of the public foyer area next to the Chamber (fire escape access must be maintained).

Thank you in advance for your co-operation with these guidelines.