Tasman District Council (Waimea Water Augmentation Scheme) Act 2018 - Notice of intention to introduce a local Bill

Thursday 11 October 2018

Our submission to the bill

This notice has been updated to include the Council's submission on the bill.

This is notice of the intention of the Tasman District Council to promote a local Bill to achieve enactment of the above Act.

The object of the Bill is to enable the Waimea Water Augmentation Scheme to proceed. It does this by transferring to the Council 1.3516 hectares of the bed of the Lee River to enable the dam to be built, and granting the Council an easement to inundate 9.6690 hectares of the Mount Richmond State Forest Park.

The postal address of the promoter is:

Tasman District Council,  Private Bag 4, Richmond, Nelson 7050, Attn: Dennis Bush-King

The Bill may be inspected at:

  • the Council’s office at 189 Queen Street, Richmond;
  • the Richmond Library, 280 Queen Street, Richmond.

A copy of the Bill is publicly available on the Council’s website www.tasman.govt.nz.

The Bill is available for inspection from 4 July to 26 July 2018 (inclusive).

Janine Dowding, Chief Executive, Tasman District Council.

Supporting Information