Temporary water chlorination: Kaiteriteri, Riwaka and Richmond

Tuesday 31 July 2018

Short-term chlorination of the Kaiteriteri and Richmond water supplies is planned to ensure a safe water supply while water infrastructure work is carried out over the next couple of weeks. Some leak testing is also taking place in Mapua this week.

Your water is safe to drink at all times.

Kaiteriteri and Riwaka

We are building a water treatment plant in Riwaka, and it will soon begin supplying treated water to Kaiteriteri.

As we start up the plant, the emergency chlorination system will be turned on to make sure it works as expected. The maximum concentration will probably be 1 part per million chlorine. This is the normal level you would find in our other chlorinated water supplies.


Tuesday 31 July until Friday 3 August.

How will this affect me?

You will smell and taste the chlorine in your water.

As the supply has not been chlorinated before, it may be quite strong to start with. This is due to the chlorine reacting with naturally-occurring organic matter in the water. The effects will reduce over two or three days.

Don’t use in goldfish bowls or aquariums until the cholrination has stopped.

How can I reduce the smell / taste of chlorine?

You can chill the water or let it sit in a jug at room temperature - some of the chlorine will naturally disperse. If you have carbon filter system, this will also the reduce chlorine taste.

Read more about the Kaiteriteri Water Treatment Plant.


A  large stormwater pipeline is due to be installed in the Lower Queen Street area, and will require two large water mains to be lowered to allow the stormwater pipe to cross them. Short-term chlorination of the water supply in Richmond  will occur to ensure that the water remains safe to drink during these alterations. Short term-chlorination will take place in early August.

The concentration of chlorine will be low - about a third of the dose used during the most recent temporary chlorination.

Leak Detection in Mapua

From Wednesday we are doing leak detection in the Mapua area.  This will involve a contractor (Detection Services) listening on the water assets to try and find leaks. If they find leaks they will mark them up with blue paint. They may also work at night (when its quieter and water usage is low).  Work should be complete by until Friday.