Temporary water chlorination: Richmond

Thursday 13 September 2018

The Richmond supply will be chlorinated from 19 September to 2 October 2018.

The level of chlorine will be low - around 0.3 mg/l (0.3 parts per million). 

Following this there will be couple of weeks where the supply will be intermittently chlorinated - for about a day at a time.

We will update this page if there are any changes to the schedule

Why are we chlorinating?

There are two major pieces of work going on in the Richmond water network:

  • Work on the trunk main to divert the water pipe under a new stormwater pipe (on Lower Queen Street)
  • Commissioning of a new balance tank and pipework at the Richmond Water Supply Treatment Plant on McShane Road

These works both involve connecting to, or cutting into, the existing water supply network.  Chlorinating the water during this time ensures that the water always remains safe to drink.

Am I affected?

The Richmond Supply covers customers in  the Wakatu Industrial Estate, houses on the northern side of Champion Road (in NCC), all of Richmond residential area as far south as Bateup Road/Three Brothers Corner and includes those on the rural extension in Hill Street South and Haycock Road.


  • If you have fish - don’t forget to use a neutralising agent, if you change any water in the tank (this is available from pet stores).
  • If you don’t like the taste of chlorine, you can lessen it by chilling the water before drinking it or leaving the water in a jug at room temperature for a  while first.
  • A water jug with a carbon filter in will also take away most of the chlorine. You can get these in kitchen stores.