National Environmental Standards

In 2004, National Environmental Standards for Air Quality were introduced under the Resource Management Act and amended in 2011.

The standards:

  • ban particular activities that discharge significant quantities of dioxins and other toxics into the air
  • set limits for allowable levels of air pollution
  • set targets for meeting the air quality standards in polluted airsheds
  • require all new wood burners installed on properties up to 2ha to meet a design standard
  • require landfills over 1 million tonnes of refuse to collect greenhouse gas emissions

The Richmond Airshed is a Gazetted Airshed under this National Environment Standard.

  • The number of times the air quality standard is exceeded in the airshed must reduce to 3 times per year by 2016 and once per year from 2020
  • If the airshed air quality does not meet the specified standards, resource consents for new discharges of particulates will be restricted.

We use the following to meet our requirements under the Resource Management Act using the following:

  • policies to manage specific issues in our District
  • rules relating to wood burner upgrades at the time a house is sold
    resource consents for discharges for industrial and trade premises
  • education campaigns and incentives to promote the use of cleaner domestic heating sources
  • the Good Wood Scheme

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