Air Quality Management

This section provides an overview of frequently-asked Air Quality questions, hot topics, and information relating to Air Quality Management in both rural and urban areas.

In conjunction with public expectations to keep the air in the Tasman District clean, we use education, rules and enforcement techniques to maintain and improve air quality standards.

Discharges From Specified Premises

Look here for a list of activities that require a resource consent.

Discharges Likely to Cause Smoke or Odour

Is the smoke or odour from your activity likely to cause annoyance?

Domestic Woodburners

Information for people who wish to install a wood burner.

Industrial Air Discharges

Industrial discharges to air may have an effect upon the environment so may required a resource consent.

Outdoor Burning

Some areas have fire bans and outdoor fire permits are available from the Waimea Rural Fire Network.

Good Practice Guide for Operating Wood Burners

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