Discharges Likely to Cause Smoke or Odour

If the effect of smoke or odour from your proposed activity may cause adverse effects which are likely to be more than minor, you may require resource consent to ensure that effects upon the environment are controlled.

Activities such as those in the following list sometimes cause effects which could be reduced, or using alternative methods:

  • drainage using, or disposal of shellfish e.g. mussel shells;
  • spreading of chicken manure as a fertiliser;
  • burning of farm or orchard waste;
  • burning of packaging materials or pallets;
  • spreading of effluent.

Resource consent information

If the activity you propose may cause offence or annoyance to people around or adjacent to your site, or to people driving or walking past, it's best to check with Tasman District Council before you carry out the activity so that we can advise whether alternatives can be used.

It would also be advisable to inform your neighbours and other people who might be affected by your activity.