Industrial Air Discharges

All industrial discharges to air that may have a more than minor effect upon the environment are required to have resource consent to conditionally authorise the activity. This page provides brief information.


Compliance Officers carry out physical inspections to monitor resource consents and most air discharges are required to provide periodic reports which ascertain the level of contaminants in the smoke or steam which is emitted through processes on site.

A small number of industries discharge contaminants into the air under the permitted activity rules, which means that they are allowed to create steam, smoke, or odour subject to meeting certain criteria.

Permitted Activities

The Tasman Resource Management Plan (TRMP) provides information on discharges allowed under the permitted activity rules.

In chapter 36 of the plan you will also find information on certain types of premises and processes which may not operate without resource consent.

TRMP Part VI Chapter 36 - Rules for Contaminant Discharges

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