Air Quality Monitoring In Richmond

This section provides air quality and weather monitoring data for Richmond.

Monitoring Richmond Air Quality

The Richmond air quality monitoring site is located near the town centre.

The predominant wind direction is from the south-west.

The wind speed in winter is less than 10km/h for more than 80 percent of the time. These low wind speeds over such a high percentage of time are one of the reasons why Richmond has an air quality problem. The morning wind is dominated by south-westerlies and this switches to northerly in the afternoon.

Richmond Air Pollution


High Pollution Nights to 7 August: 12 


High Pollution Nights: 2


High Pollution Nights: 5


After September 2016 the National Standards require that there be no more than three high pollution nights per year. In addition by 2020 there shall be no more than one high pollution nights per year in order to meet the standard.

A High Pollution night is defined as when the daily PM10 reading is above 50 µg/m3.

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