Coastal Ecological Risk Assessment Monitoring Report

Completed in 2012, this report includes broad-scale habitat maps and detailed risk assessments within estuaries, beaches and dunes, rocky shores and terrestrial margins. The area covered includes the majority of Tasman’s coastline, but excludes the coasts of Farewell Spit and Abel Tasman National Park (few resource management issues exist in these areas).

This report includes significant new information from fieldwork carried out in 2010-11 but also integrates information from all previous studies in Tasman District’s coastal environment.

Tasman District’s coast is ecologically diverse with a broad range of habitat types. It is a place of high biological diversity and high economic value. Despite these high values the vulnerability assessment identified a number of key issues:

  • excessive muddiness and, to a lesser extent, nutrient enrichment of estuaries and embayments;
  • elevated disease risk, particularly after heavy rain, in estuaries and embayments, for consumers of shellfish or swimmers;
  • habitat loss through sea level rise, and ecological change through sea temperature and acidity change;
  • duneland loss through over-stabilisation;
  • saltmarsh loss through historical reclamation;
  • loss of the natural vegetated terrestrial margin buffer;
  • habitat loss through shoreline armouring.

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