Port Motueka Groyne - Jackett Island Erosion

This page details the Environment Court decision, actions for interim works and reports relating to the Port Motueka Groyne and Jackett Island erosion.


In March 2011 the Environment Court issued an Interim Decision (ENV-2010-WLG-000080 & 81) in the matter between the Van Dyke Family Trust and the Tasman District Council. The Court found that the placement of the Port Motueka geotextile groyne structure on the Motueka sandspit by the Council in 1996 had led to the formation of the spit in its present form which in turn, had brought about the erosion on Jackett Island.

A judicial conference will be held on 28 June 2013 to consider the ways that the various strands of the Environment Court decision will progress. Council will meet with stakeholders and Jackett Island residents after this conference to update them.

Environment Court Hearing 2013

A hearing was held on 21 and 22 October 2013. The Environment Court on 9 January 2014 decided that there was no viable, reasonable or sustainable long term solution to the erosion on Jackett Island.

The Council were ordered to maintain and monitor the Jackett Island foreshore on the Van Dyke property until January 2017. Monitoring occurs every three months.

Action Plan for Interim

Following an initial judicial conference on 10 May 2011, the Council was directed to file a memorandum setting out a proposed timetable for developing a formal proposal intended to address immediate concerns over ongoing erosion to the Van Dyke Family Trust property.

The Timeline - Jackett Island, February 2013is updated on a regular basis.

Council staff, solicitors and experts have been assisting the Court to best determine enforcement orders with regard to confirming an Action Plan for Interim Works.

The Council engaged a coastal engineer and expert on coastal processes to investigate and determine an appropriate interim works action plan to immediately address ongoing erosion on Jackett Island and a timeline for such works; and to report on recommended permanent remedial works with a view to long term resolution of the erosion issue.

Removal of Port Motueka Groyne

The removal of the groyne at Port Motueka commenced on 25 June 2012.












It took longer than expected to remove the groyne. Work had to continue into September 2012, as there had been several delays because of poor weather conditions when working on the submerged sections.

The groyne was completely removed by the end of September 2012.

Since the groyne was removed monitoring of the spit has continued on a regular basis. You can view the survey data in the links below:

Long Term Solution

At its meeting on 22 November 2012, Engineering Services Committee, resolved to end the modelling of solutions to the Long Term Solution.

A report went to the Engineering Services Committee on 14 February 2013 on the preferred practicable options. Council indicated its intention to return to the Environment Court to state that there is no practicable and sustainable option for a long term solution to erosion on Jackett Island.

A meeting was held with Jackett Island residents and stakeholders on 25 March 2013 to discuss the progress of the project. Other parties indicated there may be some interest in progressing a project to put a cut through the spit at Port Motueka.


Below are reports to the Engineering Services Committee about this issue.

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