Sustainable Communities

This section provides background information on developing sustaianable communities.

Inclusive and involved communities are more resilient in the face of adversity and external shocks. Informed and responsible communities tend to look for practical ways of achieving self-determined and sustainable development.

Climate Change

Sustainable Transport

Options for more environmentally sustainable transport options


Heritage is part of our history and part of our future.  Heritage includes all aspects of  built heritage sites, culture and events.

Sites are deemed to include structural buildings, objects, areas and precincts, as well as surroundings associated with areas of historic heritage, sites of significance to Maori and heritage landscapes. 

The sustainable management of historic sites stems from a need to protect these environments both now and in the future.  Sustainable management may include finding compatible and/or adaptive uses for these places.

In the case of historic buildings,  it is helpful to apply the principles of the ICOMOS NZ Charter in relation to carrying out alterations to heritage buildings (Chris Cochran, Guidelines for Altering Heritage Buildings, NZHPT, 2000 ):

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Urban Design

It is important that the district‘s built environment has a high standard of design to match the natural beauty of the region so that people have a quality living and working environment as well as a special visitor destination.

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Pests and Weeds


Council has a Regional Pest Management Strategy covering both plant and animal pests. In most circumstances, the onus for responsibility for controlling pest plants lies with an individual occupier. Council's role is to ensure that occupiers:

  • are aware of the need to control harmful plants
  • are able to recognise individual pests
  • are complying with the strategy.


Tasman District Council acts as an agent for the Animal Health Board assisting with the implementation of the National Pest Management Strategy for Bovine Tb and also to undertake possum control operations in rural areas.

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Streamcare Groups

Streamcare Groups are community partnerships where people, including farmers, work together to take action on local environmental issues.

Streamcare Groups

Transition Towns

Transition Towns initiatives are part of an international grassroots movement that brings people together to explore how we, as communities, can respond to the environmental, economic and social challenges arising from climate change, resource depletion and an economy based on growth.

Transition Towns website