Sustainable Living

This section contains information about how to live in a sustainable way.

By taking action now, and making sustainability a fundamental consideration in everything we do, we are helping to maximise future economic growth, maintain our quality of life and protect our unique environment.

Being 'sustainable' means continually thinking and choosing ways of doing things with care for the environment that sustains us so generously. It can be fun, too.

Air Quality and Good Wood

Cleaning and Chemicals

Information about safe use, storage and disposal of household chemicals.

Composting, Worm Farms and Bokashi

Information about setting up and using compost, Bokashi and worm farms and the subsidy voucher towards a bin purchase.



Information about energy efficient initiatives and renewable energy.


Gardening is a good source of affordable high quality food, and can have beneficial health effects.

Love Food Hate Waste

Purchase Locally

Buying locally produced goods reduces transport impacts and supports the local economy.

Reduce, ReUse and Recycle

Under our Zero Waste Policy we encourage you to reduce, reuse and recycle.

Water Quality and Use

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