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This page details some facts and figures about food waste in New Zealand - and provides some tips for minimising waste.

New Zealand Food Waste

New Zealand families waste about $560 each year on food which is thrown uneaten into the rubbish bin. This adds up to a staggering $872 million for the whole country. 

It also results in 122,000 tonnes of edible food going to landfill and generating greenhouse gases.

Tasman District Council is proud to be part of the national Love Food Hate Waste NZ campaign which aims to turn this around, by inspiring and enabling people to waste less food.

Reducing Food Waste and Saving Money

Meal in a Mug - September

20 million loaves of bread are thrown away in New Zealand every year. It’s hard to believe that all of our uneaten crusts, stale slices and mouldy bread could add up to so much waste.

Bread is a staple ingredient but you may find you only ever use it for toast and sandwiches. There are lots of different things you can do with bread, like making our meal in a mug recipe.  It’s sweet and satisfying and your kids can whip up this recipe in a matter of minutes, using whatever you have in the pantry. Our favourite combinations are banana and nutella, and peanut butter and jam.

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