Agriculture and Horticulture

We're committed to making sure our unique natural environment is healthy and protected and that our region is supported by an innovative and sustainable economy.

We have rules relating to discharges to land and air from pesticide, fertiliser or animal effluent discharges, and limiting adverse cross-boundary effects arising from their use. 

We also promote effective management of intensive agricultural activities. As a signatory to the Dairying and Clean Streams Accord all permitted and consented dairy discharges are monitored and reported on.

Dairy Effluent

Dairy effluent management is monitored by the Council. This is to ensure farmers are operating under best management practices and that they either comply with the relevant rules in the Tasman Resource Management Plan, as a permitted activity. Or that they comply with the relevant consent conditions covering their operation.

Fertiliser and Pesticides Application

This page provides information about aerial and ground-based application of fertiliser and pesticide products.