Farm Dairy Effluent Frequently Asked Questions

The information below is intended to support the statutory requirements of the Tasman District Management Plan (TRMP) by answering the most frequently asked questions about farm dairy effluent. Where appropriate it may refer to other supporting advisory guides. It is important to note that not all the conditions you are required to comply with in the TRMP are covered here.

This information offers guidance to assist farmers with understanding and meeting their legal obligations in terms of farm dairy effluent in the Tasman region. The information is of a general nature, and provided as a guide only. It is not suitable for specific professional advice regarding a specific issue or situation. Failing to meet these legal obligations may potentially carry criminal penalties in the District Court.

This FAQ guide is not intended to be a substitute for competent and appropriate legal advice in the event of enforcement action for non compliance.

You can also download: Farm Dairy Effluent Frequently Asked Questions

This information is divided into the following sections:

What Are The Rules?

Location of Effluent Storage

Effluent Storage Volumes

Construction of Storage Facilities

Storage Liners

Issues Relating To Different Soil Types

Managing Effluent Systems

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