Native Plant Restoration Lists

These comprehensive planting lists for different areas in Tasman provide information on the different species and their characteristics. Good advice is also available from local nurseries specialising in native plants which can provide seedlings grown from locally-sourced seed.

Description of Planting Lists

The planting lists describe the native plants that once grew on these sites, along with other useful information. This is for landowners who want to restore the original ecosystem or to plant with the native species that are best suited to the site. Each list has plants grouped in four categories:

  • Trees (from 5m upwards);
  • Shrubs (from 1m upwards);
  • Climbers;
  • Grasses, sedges, rushes and ground cover.

Each plant has its botanical name, Māori name and/or common name, its requirements for shelter, site and climate, and the sort of food (if any) it provides for birds and insects. They are sorted in alphabetical order by their botanical name. At the start of each list is a brief description of its locality, topography, soils and geology, climate, coastal influence, original vegetation and degree of human modification.

There is also a key to assist landowners in selecting the species that best suit their site. It covers the preference of individual species for sunlight/shade, dry/wet soil, and frost tolerance. It also indicates the maximum height, useful information for those planting close to houses, boundaries, or overhead wires. There is also information on its value as a source of food for birds and insects.

Planting Lists By Area

You can view the planting lists by area, or use the interactive map below.

Buller Restoration Planting Lists

Golden Bay Restoration Planting Lists

Tasman Bay Restoration Planting Lists

Go Wild Native Restoration Manual

A new restoration manual, published in 2012.


Restoration Planting Map

The following map shows different geographical areas in Tasman District. Use the buttons in the top left to navigate to your area of interest. Select a shaded region to access the planting list for that particular area.