Soil & Land Management

Under the Resource Management Act (1991) Tasman District Council is responsible for managing the soil and land resources in the District.

The following tools are used to meet Council's requirements under the Resource Management Act:

  • Policies to manage specific issues in our District
  • Resource Consents for soil disturbance and land use
  • Education to promote the wise use of the soil resource
  • Monitoring programmes for soil health and soil loss

Waimea Soil Mapping Report 2017

Soils Information

Soil Health

Soil Health Monitoring Programme

Soil Intactness Monitoring Programme

Planting for Erosion Control

Land Disturbance and Sediment Control

Land disturbance activities often result in the mobilisation of sediment. Tasman has some areas such as the Separation Point Granites and the Moutere Gravel (clay bound gravels) where particular care is needed.

Plantation Forestry - National Environmental Standard

Read about the new National Environmental Standard for Plantation Forestry effective 1 May 2018.

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