HAIL Register

This section details the HAIL Register - and provides information for landowners whose sites may have been included on the register.

About the HAIL Register

The HAIL Register is an up to date inventory of properties where land use activities that may result in land contamination have occurred. By identifying sites where hazardous substances have been used, stored or disposed of, Council can ensure that land users make sure that the sites do not present a danger to workers, the community or the environment when they develop or use the site.  The HAIL Register allows Council to ensure that sensitive developments such as residential housing and schools are not built on contaminated sites.

What is in the Register?

The HAIL Register contains:

  • Land that is known to be contaminated.
  • Land that is potentially contaminated on the basis of historic or current management practices.
  • Land that was previously contaminated but has been managed or remediated so as to be suitable for the current land use.

The HAIL Register is operated according to Ministry for the Environment guidelines.

Access to the HAIL Register

The information held on the HAIL Register for a particular property is included in any Land Information Memorandum or Property Information Memorandum obtained for the property. Enquiries about a specific site can also be made directly to Council’s Duty Planner or Resource Scientist – Contaminants.

Land Information Memorandum

How do sites get added to the HAIL Register?

A particular site gets on the HAIL Register when Council records or other public records show that the site has a past or present history of land use activity that is on the Ministry for the Environment’s Hazardous Activity or Industry List. This is a list of 53 land uses that involve the use, storage or disposal of significant quantities of hazardous substances. 

Sites on the Site Contamination Register are then assigned to one of eight categories.

How often is the HAIL Register updated?

The register is updated as information comes to hand.  Please forward any information about potential contaminated sites or changes to existing sites to Council’s Resource Scientist – Contaminants.  Information can always be passed to the Council on a confidential basis if desired.

For more information contact our Resource Scientist (Contaminants)

Liability For Contamination

The property owner is liable for any contamination on the property, even if that contamination was caused by a previous landowner. The costs of the site assessment therefore rest with you. However, the Council may be able assist you in investigating and cleaning up contamination. SOme Government funding may also be available.

For more information contact our Resource Scientist (Contaminants)


HAIL Register - Categories

Information for Properties on the HAIL Register

Further Information from the Ministry for the Environment

Information related to sampling of potentially contaminated sites and National Environmental Standards is found on the Ministry for the Environment website:

The following documents will be particularly useful.

User Guide

The user guide provides a overview of how the national standard operates and also includes a copy of the standard itself. That copy is still current but may be reviewed in the future.

Contaminted Land Management Guidelines

Contaminated Land Guideline No 1 provides and overview on the contents of a site investigation  report and Guideline 5 provides guidance on undertaken the actual site assessment including sampling and interpreting  the sampling results.