Urban Design

This section provides an overview of Tasman District Council's commitment to raising awareness of the value of quality urban design and the initiatives it has put in place to support that commitment. 

What is Urban Design?

Urban design is the practice of arranging  buildings, access and green spaces to provide areas for living, working, and playing in our towns and villages. Good urban design can apply to whole towns or neighbourhoods within towns, as well as subdivisions and buildings on individual sites.

Tasman District Council is a signatory to the New Zealand Urban Design Protocol and has prepared an Urban Design Action Plan. It is also actively planning for the growth of towns across the District. The Council's urban design champion is Mayor Richard Kempthorne.

Urban Design Action Plan

Read and download the Urban Design Action Plan.

Urban Design Panel

Learn about the Urban Design Panel - who it is, what it does and how you can use it.

Urban Design Guides

The Council has a number of urban design objectives and policies in the Tasman Resource Management Plan and has prepared several urban design guides:

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