Urban Design Action Plan

The Urban Design Action Plan is an ongoing commitment to ensure sound urban design principles are incorporated in Council capital works, urban development planning and private development projects.

Urban Design Action Plan 2008

As a signatory to the New Zealand Urban Design Protocol, the Council has developed this Action Plan which focuses on:

  • Strategy and Policy Initiatives;
  • Decision Making;
  • Delivery of Capital Works;
  • Promotion and Awareness;
  • Building Capacity.

The New Zealand Urban Design Protocol identifies seven essential design qualities that create quality urban design that the Council will be endeavouring to foster through its Urban Design Action Plan:

  • Context – acknowledging the relationship between buildings, spaces and networks;
  • Character – reflecting and enhancing the distinctive character, heritage and identity of our urban environments;
  • Choice – ensuring diversity in lifestyle and transport options;
  • Connections – ensuring accessibility;
  • Creativity – allowing for expressions of creativity and encouraging innovative and imaginative solutions;
  • Custodianship – creating sustainable design solutions that will endure;
  • Collaboration – communicating and sharing knowledge across sectors, professions and with communities.