Flowphone For Tasman and Nelson

This page details the Flowphone Service - an automated river, rainfall and groundwater information service.

Tasman District Council monitors water level and flow on a number of rivers around its District, as well as rainfall and groundwater levels in other locations. Many of these recorders regularly transmit information back to the office, where it is stored and analysed. Because the information is available in our database, Council has developed a flowphone that can be rung by anyone to hear the latest provisional information.

 Flowphone - Call 03 543 8555 for recent river, rainfall and groundwater information

Flowphone Data

  • Data is usually retrieved to the office every 30 minutes at 10 minutes past the hour. Once in the office, the data is available to the flowphone within 5 minutes.
  • The map below shows the flowphone areas and sites.
  • The data is retrieved and loaded to the flowphone automatically, therefore it is impossible to check it immediately for errors. The data may be changed or corrected at a later time by Council staff following verification checks.
  • Calling the flow phone is free within the Nelson local calling area. Normal toll charges apply for calls from outside this area.

Hints On Using The Flowphone

  • You don't need to listen to all the voice messages, once you know the sequence you can step forward to the sites you want
  • Use # on your phone at any time to go back one step in the sequence

Flowphone Sites


Map showing flow phone sites and areas for dialling information around Tasman

Flowphone Sites in Tasman District


Tasman District Council has exercised all reasonable skill and care in controlling the features of this facility. However, the data is provisional, and may be incorrect until checked by staff. Flowphone data should be used with caution where there are safety, monetary, or operational consequences if the data is incorrect. Note also, the data may be changed at a later time.


Information accessed on the flowphone is contributed by Tasman District Council, Niwa and Nelson City Council.

Contact Details

For further information contact the Environmental Monitoring Team, Tasman District Council