Groundwater Levels

The Council monitors groundwater levels in all the major aquifers in the district. The sites monitored provide regional coverage with the intensity of monitoring driven by the pressure on the groundwater resource in that particular area. 

Groundwater levels are measured at each site every fifteen minutes and are logged in a datalogger. All levels shown are reported in relation to metres above mean sea level (amsl).

Council currently operates 50 automated groundwater level monitoring sites in the Tasman District. Data from all of these sites is available in real time via the telemetry network.

Click on the map markers or links below to find up-to-date information on groundwater levels in Tasman District.


Two groundwater level graphs are shown for each groundwater site, one each for the previous 7 and 30 days. Date is shown on the bottom axis, and level (in millimetres) is shown on the vertical axis. The level axis is automatically scaled to the data, so it will vary from one graph to the next. This is important if you are comparing graphs from different sites.