Tasman District Council monitors river flow, water quality, and stream and river life to ensure that the state of our waterways is sustained and enhanced where possible. Council also maintains and manages 285 kilometres of rivers through the river rating system.

Our Waters in Common

River Flow

River levels are monitored across the Tasman district with the river flows reported here.

River Management

Find out how we look after the region’s rivers and drainage systems.

River Water Quality

Stream and River Life

Read about what is living in and around our waterways, and work to enhance the habitat.

River Rating Classifications

About Tasman District Rivers and Rainfall

The Tasman District has catchments in the west that receive over 6000mm of rain each year. We also have areas that are sheltered from the westerlies and receive as little as 600 mm of rain each year. Most catchments begin in the mountains on land that is National Parks and reserves. From small creeks and streams our rivers grow to flow out to the sea in Tasman Bay, Golden Bay and the north west coast.

Uses and Values of Rivers and Streams

Tasman’s waterways provide valued places for:

  • swimming, boating, angling and other recreation;
  • a home for aquatic plants and animals;
  • a source of food;
  • traditional cultural values;
  • water for drinking;
  • water for hydroelectricity;
  • irrigation for horticulture and agriculture.

Tasman District Council works to ensure all these values are maintained or enhanced and used in a sustainable way.

Maori have strong traditional and historical links with wetlands and waterways. These are spiritually significant and closely linked to the identities of tangata whenua.

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