River Rating Classifications

This page details river rating classifications used by Tasman District Council. These targeted rates go towards funding river maintenance works in the Tasman District.

Currently the river rating system is based on a three-tier system of X, Y and Z rated areas.

  • The X-rated areas are those that enjoy the benefits of an approved stopbank system. These areas include the lower sections of the Riwaka, Motueka and Waimea Rivers.
  • The Y-rated areas cover the 285 km of Classified River system from the river channel out to a line where the estimated 50 year return period flood would likely inundate the adjacent land.
  • The Z-rated areas are all other rateable properties.

The 285 km of X- and Y-rated rivers have an annual operating maintenance programme which includes a schedule of tasks carried out by Council's contractor.

River Z areas rely upon the affected landowners making an application to Council for a subsidised work programme that is negotiated with Council's Engineering Services Department. Approval is based on a basis that a specific problem has developed at the site and amongst other things that there is a proven community benefit in funding the works. Tasman District Council may fund up to 50% of the costs.

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