Stream and River Life

This section explores the diverse range of aquatic plants, invertebrates, fish and birds our waterways support. It also provides details of activities to enhance waterways and habitats including vest practice waterway crossing design.

Enhancing Life in our Waterways

Find out what is being done to enhance the life in our waterways, and how you can help.

Freshwater Fish

Read about our fascinating and varied freshwater fish fauna, including twenty species of native fish and the often-chased brown trout.

Monitoring Freshwater Fish

Tasman District Council carries outsurveys to monitor the number and types of freshwater fish.

Plant life in Streams

Find out about plant life in our streams.

River-nesting Birds

Read more about birds which nest in or near river beds in our district.

Streamcare Groups

Forming a stream care group allows focus on identified environmental issues.

Stream Invertebrates

A diverse population of freshwater invertebrates live in streams in our region and are an important food source and indicator of river health.

Waterway Crossings and Fish Passage

How to build best practice river and waterway crossings.